Continuing Education

In accordance with the bylaws of the NWLMN, Certified Master Naturalists must complete 6 hours of approved Continuing Education each calendar year to maintain their good standing in the Association.  This requirement begins the first calendar year after certification.

The purpose of the CE requirement is to ensure Naturalists continue to grow in their knowledge of natural history.  CE allows Naturalists, if they wish, to focus their interests on one or more specific areas that may interest them.  Advanced training is a benefit in and of itself as it provides the Naturalists with tools to work in more advanced volunteer efforts.


  1. Qualified CE is generally determined and approved by the committee established by the board for that purpose. If you have questions, contact a committee member.
  2. CE should generally be applicable to Northwest Louisiana and, unless specifically approved, should be applicable to the natural history of Louisiana.
  3. Online-based training, if preapproved, will only be accepted for a maximum of four hours of CE per year. Educational television shows, DVDs, videos, etc., are not approved for CE.
  4. CE hours in excess of 06 completed in one year do not carry over to the following year. However, they should still be reported.
  5. All CE hours must be submitted on a completed form provided for that purpose in order to receive credit for completion. Forms should be submitted within 30 days of completion of the hours. The person currently receiving these forms is our Vice President.
  6. Up to 03 hours of CE per year may be completed by attending a LMN Class previously completed. Credit for repeating a class is only allowed once per class.
  7. Approved college courses will count one CE hours for each credit hour the course counts (not for each hour in class).
  8. Some criteria for acceptable CE hours are as follows:- Must be on a topic that is compatible with the curriculum of the LMN Northwest Chapter training. It should be at an academic level above that of the basic course.
    – Must be taught by an instructor who is recognized as an expert in his or her field of study.
    – Must be a training session of a least one hour in length.
    – Training by its nature assumes there is an instructor as well as a student. To be effective, training must allow for an exchange between the two.
    – Does the training promote continued learning and development of naturalist skills?
    – Does the training provide practical information and training that would be applicable in volunteer efforts?
    – Is the training information on natural resource issues and other information applicable to Northwest Louisiana and/or Louisiana?
  9. If an individual fails to complete 06 hours of acceptable CE hours in the calendar year, there will be an additional 03 hours of CE hours penalty imposed. If an individual fails to complete all required hours in the second year, they will lose their certification.  (EX:  At the end of the first year, Joyce has only completed 03 CE hours.  A 03-hour penalty is automatically imposed.  She now must complete a total of 12 CE hours in the second year = the 03 not previously completed, the 03 penalty hours, plus the 06 hours for the second year.)

Volunteer and Continuing Education Reporting Form
– Also available as a Word document

History & Authority:
On December 17, 2015, by unanimous vote of the board of the Northwest Louisiana Master Naturalists (NWLMN), a committee to formulate the rules for acceptable volunteer hours and continuing education hours was created.  The committee, consisting of three appointed board members, was created at that meeting.  The committee consisted of Amanda Lewis, Donna Burney, and Tom Goleman.  Hulya Onel and Micha Petty were added to this committee at the Board of Directors meeting on 15 September 2016.  These Committee members formulated the above policies, which were adopted by the Board of Directors.  Note: These polices have been reformatted for presentation on our site, however the substance has been maintained.